Richard Curtin

My life changed dramatically in August 2013. I underwent a quintuple (5) bypass heart operation. It happened fast. One day I was sweeping the driveway and felt a pinch in my chest, and the next thing I knew, I was calling my doctor to make an appointment for testing. The best option that came back was a Cardiac bypass operation. Shock and dismay took over. There was never talk of diet or nutrition; only pills “for the rest of my life” after surgery. Post operation, a deep, dark depression set in. Questions led to more questions. I wanted to know the root cause of my disease.

      Before all this happened, I was deeply involved in the wellness field for over 22 years. Although I helped many people, there were thousands and thousands of people that, for whatever reason, I couldn’t help. It bothered me. Single mothers, stressed out families, immigrants; good people; middle age woman that had tried “everything”; young people who were obese at a young age. IT REALLY BOTHERED ME.

Fast Forward to today, I did find my answers. They are mostly simple, universal principles. This site is for you if you need it, and also for all the people I couldn’t help the first time around.  I’m coming back to help them now.

I am NOT a doctor, but I don’t believe you have to be a doctor to go into a grocery store and come out with groceries that will not result in a chronic disease for you and your loved ones.

Remember: You have the power.

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